Sheriff Hires Investigator to Verify Sex Offenders Addresses

(Harford County, Md) — Sheriff R. Thomas Golding announced today he has hired retired Sheriff’s deputy, Lt. Glenn H. Mina, to investigate and verify the addresses of sex offenders who are registered with the Sheriff’s Office. Golding said he had been searching for the right person for this job since late March after having initiated a similarly successful program last year.

Sheriff Golding says there is no legal requirement to do this but he recognizes how sensitive this issue is with the public and like many law enforcement officials across the country believe sex offenders need to be closely monitored. “Nationwide the public is very concerned about sex offenders living in their communities”, Golding said, “But more importantly the police need to know for sure the offender is residing where they say they are living”. Sheriff Golding acknowledged there are cases across the country where a sexual assault occurs and often times the first suspect may be a sex offender residing in the community where the assault occurred. “Knowing first hand the offender resides in the community saves the investigators a lot of leg work running down leads and verifying information”, Golding said. “In doing this we either develop a person as a suspect or quickly put the community’s mind at ease”, he said. “Likewise”, Golding says, “Anyone found non-complaint will be arrested and charged accordingly”.

The Sheriff said he began this program in 2004 and at the time used a deputy temporarily assigned to administrative duties. “The program was successful and effective”, Golding said, noting that investigators discovered one sex offender not living at the correct address and subsequently charged him. “It only takes one offender not following the directives of the Court to put fear into a community”, the Sheriff said, “and we believe that by hiring a full time investigator we can keep better track of all eighty registered sex offenders”.

Sheriff Golding said prior to 2004, detectives from the Harford County Child Advocacy Center would verify the addresses. “But they had to conduct those investigations in addition to an already overburdened child abuse case load”, the Sheriff said. Hiring a full-time investigator means that investigator focuses solely on address verification.

Lieutenant Mina retired as a Watch Commander in 2002, after having worked for the Sheriff’s Office for 30 years. Sheriff Golding said Mina will be a contractual employee making $15.43 an hour and working approximately 500 hours each year. Funding for Mina’s position will come from the Sheriff’s existing budget and Golding says he will request this position be placed in next year’s budget. Sheriff Golding was pleased Lt. Mina accepted the offer to take this position. “Glenn was a well-rounded deputy having been assigned to both patrol and investigative units while working for us”, Sheriff Golding said. “Even in retirement he is very dedicated to protecting the County and tracking sexual offenders is an important job in helping the public feel safe,” Golding concluded.