Sheriff L. Jesse Bane appointed to the Governor's Commission to Reform Maryland's Pretrial System

[June 26, 2014, Bel Air, MD] Sheriff L. Jesse Bane recently accepted an appointment to the Governor's Commission to Reform Maryland's Pretrial System. The Commission, established by Governor Martin O' Malley through Executive Order 01.01.2014.08, will examine best practices from detention facilities and their respective jurisdictions around the country.

"Our goal is to create overall reform of the pre-trial release system," said Tammy Brown, GOCCP's Executive Director and a member of the panel. "The Commission will work to create a system that will standardize the process to ensure that people are treated fairly and equitably in every jurisdiction in Maryland, and we know Sheriff Bane will make an important contribution to this effort."

On average, the Harford County Detention Center houses 194 pre-trial inmates. With a total daily population averaging about 400, that is sometimes nearly half the total population.

Of his appointment, the Sheriff offered, "I am honored to be chosen. This appointment is indicative of the great reputation the Harford County Detention Center has in the State of Maryland. We are seen as leaders in our field; I am excited to be part of a process that will move corrections into the future and create a Pre-Trial system that focuses on the total sum of the person, as well as the charges."

The Commission will hold its first meeting on Thursday, June 26, 2014, in Annapolis. The Commission's webpage can be found at

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June 25, 2014


  • Cristie Kahler

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