SCAM ALERT! Caller(s) Impersonating Sheriff Deputies

SCAM ALERT: The Harford County Sheriff’s Office wants to alert you to scam that was reported to them today by several Harford County residents. The scam is described as follows:

A person calls the victim claiming to be a deputy sheriff from the Harford County Sheriff's Office providing a name, rank, and ID number to the victim. The scam artist then tells the person answering the phone they owe money for not appearing before the Grand Jury and if they don’t pay they will be arrested on warrants. The scam artist then directs the victim to go to a specific location to make payment. THIS IS A SCAM AND IS NOT LEGITIMATE. While the Sheriff’s Office does, in fact, serve arrest warrants, and some warrants may have a set monetary bond, the Sheriff’s Office does not solicit money over the phone or in person. If you feel you have been a victim of such a scam report the incident to police. Call 410-838-6600.

News Release

June 25, 2014


  • Cristie Kahler