Deputies Attend Advanced DWI Law Enforcement Training

High Quality Academic Course Designed to Enhance DUI Apprehension Efforts and Successful Convictions

[August 28, 2013, Harford County, MD] - Two Harford County Sheriff's deputies have recently completed intensive training and advanced education in DUI enforcement offered through a unique partnership between the University Of Maryland Driving Under the Influence Institute (formerly known as the Institute of Advanced Law Enforcement Studies), the Maryland Highway Safety Office, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Cpl. Shawn Craig and DFC Mark Pilachowski, assigned to the Sheriff's Office Special Operations Division, Traffic Unit, completed the week long training designed as a high-quality, intense academic course for police who want to be effective and successful leaders in alcohol-impaired driving enforcement. The 40-hour college level course taught by university faculty and external subject matter experts is offered two times each year.

The University Of Maryland Driving Under The Influence Institute was born eight years ago from a series of discussions studying not only the arrest and prosecution of DUI offenders but, in many cases a lack or failure to obtain a conviction during the courtroom process. According to Maryland's Crash Outcome Data Evaluation Data System, nearly 22,000 Maryland drivers are issued citations each year for DUI. However, a significant number of these do not result in convictions. The reasons for the lack of convictions is varied but the resultant observations determined the need for greater and more in-depth education and training in alcohol impaired driving arrests. Subject matter areas that are covered during the training include detailed discussion and practical applications in areas such as the historical perspectives of alcohol, physiology of alcohol, assessment and treatment of DUI offenders, addiction (diagnosis, referral, treatment and recovery), advanced standard field sobriety tests, DUI and drug courts, case preparation, case research, courtroom presentation techniques, and legal challenges to name just a few.

In a letter to Sheriff L. Jesse Bane, Thomas Gianni, Chief of the Maryland Highway Safety Office, congratulated the two deputies noting both graduated with distinction earning scores higher than 90%. Both graduates, Gianni said, are now better prepared to face new challenges in DWI enforcement and strengthen Maryland's already vigorous impaired driving enforcement efforts.

Sheriff Bane also congratulated each of the deputies and was equally proud of their accomplishment. "To effectively investigate, apprehend and deter offenders we must understand every aspect of drunk driving and why people, despite broad and far reaching media campaigns, continue to take this risk", the Sheriff said. "The level of Cpl. Craigs's and DFC Pilachowski's commitment to this training and their desire to excel in DWI enforcement will result in higher conviction rates and ultimately provide for a safer driving environment for our Harford County residents", Bane said.

Each deputy was recommended for this training by their supervisors with accompanying letters of recommendation from their Division Commander. DFC Pilachowski attended the January 2013 session while Cpl. Craig completed the most recent session held in June.

News Release

August 28, 2013


  • Edward Hopkins

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