Harford County Sheriff's Office Launches Strategic Summer Initiative in Edgewood

[June 25, 2013 Bel Air, MD] - After weeks of investigation into the rise in violence coupled with an increased patrol, Sheriff L. Jesse Bane is launching the next step, a strategic summer initiative. This specific and concentrated effort will bring every resource the HCSO has to offer to the Edgewood communities.

Referencing the recent violence and homicide in Edgewood, Sheriff Bane remarked,

"The streets of Edgewood do not belong to the criminal element. Every member of the Harford County Sheriff's Office is highly resolved to ensure that does not happen and the good people of Edgewood can continue to live in their communities without fear.

For the last several weeks, my deputies have worked tirelessly, around the clock, to respond to the violence that has recently erupted. It has been a challenging and time consuming effort. Now we have reached the point, where we must ask for the assistance and support of the citizens. This is a job that we cannot do alone.

To this end, I am launching a strategic, summer initiative where each bureau, each unit, and each member of the agency, will work to stop this needless violence. The first step is a community meeting, I want to share my plan with you and give you a chance to ask questions and voice your concerns to me and my commanders. Together, I am confident we will find a solution and restore peace in the community."

Thus far, deputies and detectives have used intelligence to analyze evidence, identify possible suspects, investigate links between incidents, and gather information. At the same time, our patrol efforts have also increased significantly. Deputies are out all hours, in cars, on bikes, and by foot, looking for suspicious activity, and responding to the needs of the community. The missing piece is community input. Recognizing and respecting the fear that many people face in deciding to share tips and information is understood by members of the HCSO. As such, there are many ways to provide information anonymously via web (, text (text "CRIMES", begin the message "MCS," then add the information), and phone (1-888-540-8477). Major Doug Verzi, Commander of the Investigative Services Bureau, reminds the community, "Don't assume that we know the information, yours could be the tip that breaks the case."

Later this week, the location and time of the community meeting will be announced. Members of the community and media are encouraged to come and hear Sheriff Bane's plan, ask questions, and provide input.

News Release

June 25, 2013


  • Cristie Kahler

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