Sheriff’s Office K-9 Receives Bullet Resistant Vest

Local 4H Group Raises Money to Protect Police Dogs Caught in the Line of Fire

(Harford County, MD) — The Harford County Sheriff’s Office was the recent recipient of a bullet resistant vest designed for use by police canines. On April 18, 2005, members of the Harford County 4H Dog club presented the vest to Sheriff R. Thomas Golding and K9 handler Dfc Eric Blottenberger and his partner Elliott. 4H members Matt Jones and Michelle Engle said the group sponsored several fundraisers in order to raise the $300 needed to buy the vest. Both said they wanted to do something for the community and law enforcement and came up with the idea for the bullet resistant vest. “We know the deputy and his dog are both exposed to danger and the deputy wears his vest”, they said. “Our hope is help protect the dog, too, should something happen or someone try to harm the police canine”, they said.

Dfc Blottenberger, whose nine-year-old Chocolate Lab Elliott is assigned the vest, was most appreciative of the 4H members’ efforts. “Elliott is a bomb and gun recovery dog,” Blottenberger says, “which puts him at a high risk for injury.” “This vest will help protect Elliott and reduce the chance of injury should the bomb or gun accidentally go off.” he said. “Elliott is my partner and we work closely together every day. Your hard work and generous donation really means a lot to me,” Blottenberger said.

Press Release

May 23, 2005