Harford County Task Force Arrest 14 in Narcotic Investigation

(Harford County, MD – April 18, 2011) The Harford County Task Force announced the conclusion of a six-month investigation, which resulted in the dismantling of a large-scale multi-county narcotics operation involving the sale and distribution of illegal prescription drugs.

The investigation, of which Harford County was at the nucleus, began with a tip from a confidential source. Electronic surveillance which included a wiretap, aided in the investigation, which concluded on Friday, April 15, 2011 with the execution of thirty-one court-ordered search and seizure warrants.

"Since its inception in 1988, the Harford County Task Force has been instrumental in combating narcotics violations in Harford County. The task force concept of collaborating with municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies is extremely vital to successfully identifying, investigating and apprehending narcotics violators," stated Sheriff L. Jesse Bane. "As this investigation unfolded, we quickly began to realize how pervasive the sales of illegal prescription drugs had grown in our community. While the abuse of a prescription medication does not hold the same stigma of more traditionally abused illegal drugs, it is just as addictive and destructive; and contributes to just as much crime and violence in a community."

Law Enforcement Officers seized approximately 1,500 pills of various types (predominantly opioids) with a street value of over $45,000. In addition to the illegal prescription drugs recovered, investigators seized cocaine, marijuana, steroids, fourteen firearms, ten vehicles and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Fourteen people have been arrested and charged on a variety of state and local charges:

Ronnie Stocks
Age: 33
Abingdon, MD
$ 1,000,000 bond

Joseph Ercolano
Age: 32
Fallston, MD
$ 750,000 bond

Sean C. Holloway
Age: 36
White Marsh, MD
$ 750,000 bond

Eric Smith
Age: 34
Nottingham, MD
$ 750,000 bond

Sharon Gillums
Age: 50
Edgewood MD
$ 250,000 bond

Brent S. Musgrove
Age: 36
Aberdeen, MD
$ 250,000 bond

William C. Kendall
Age: 44
Bel Air, MD
$ 250,000 bond

Matthew C. Kolakowski
Age: 29
Abingdon, MD
$ 250,000 bond

Gregory Sobieski
Age: 25
Bel Air, MD
$ 250,000 bond

Kenneth J. Darr
Age: 36
White Marsh MD
$ 250,000 bond

Wilbert Whitaker III
Age: 24
Bel Air, MD
$ 200,000 bond

Curtis Carter
Age: 36
Havre de Grace, MD
$ 150,000 bond

Taaz A. Robinson
Age: 28
Aberdeen, MD

Ryan C. Sturm
Age: 27
Towson, MD

"As we investigated this drug organization, we found there were no socioeconomic distinctions between users and dealers involved. There is high demand for this type of drug. In fact, those who have traditionally been involved in the sale of cocaine and crack have now moved into the illegal prescription drug trade," stated Lieutenant Lee Dunbar of the Harford County Task Force.

The execution of the search and seizure warrants occurring in less than eight hours in three counties (Harford, Baltimore & Anne Arundel) was a collaborative effort between various jurisdictions and agencies, allowing a successful completion without incident.

  • Harford County Task Force
  • Harford County Sheriff's Office
  • Aberdeen Police Department
  • Havre de Grace Police Department
  • Maryland State Police
  • Cecil County Task Force
  • Baltimore County Police Department
  • Carroll County Task Force
  • FBI
  • Harford County State's Attorney Office

The Harford County Task Force, consisting of Harford County Sheriff's Office, Maryland State Police, Harford County States Attorney's Office, Aberdeen Police Department, and Havre de Grace Police Department, was formed to focus on the larger and more complex narcotic and vice investigations that take place throughout the county. This task force conducts criminal investigations, targets high-level drug traffickers, importers, and money laundering organizations. With the help of both concerned citizens and narcotic users, the Harford County Task force attempts to seek out and limit the illegal flow of narcotics in Harford County MD. The Task Force is not restricted to county boundaries and with the aid and assistance of Local, County, State and Federal authorities; they investigate all leads of narcotic activity wherever the resolution points.

The Harford County Task Force relies heavily on concerned citizens and all members of the community, to supply them with the necessary information to control illegal activity. Anyone with this type of information is encouraged to contact the Harford County Task Force Tip line at 410-836-7788 or submit a tip on the Harford County Sheriff's Office Web Site –

News Release

April 18, 2011


  • Monica Worrell

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