Harford County Sheriff's Office Celebrates National Correctional Officers Awareness Week

In Harford County, the Detention Center employees more than 100 correctional professionals who provide one of the county's most important public services - protecting communities and caring for over 5,000 incarcerated men and women annually.

National Correctional Officers and Employees Week, which runs May 2-8, 2010, is a time to recognize the service and professionalism of those who work in corrections.

Recognizing Correctional Officers for a job well done

Officially proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1987, National Correctional Officers and Employees Week allows an opportunity to appreciate correctional professionals for their capability in handling the physical and emotional demands placed upon them daily. It specifically acknowledges that the profession requires careful and constant vigilance, as the threat of violence is always present.

"This week represents a time to bring about a greater understanding of the meaningful profession of corrections," said Harford County Sheriff L. Jesse Bane. "The Corrections profession is about protecting communities, humanely safeguarding incarcerated men and women, and helping inmates begin new lives with the right skills and tools. That's what our devoted correctional officers and employees of the Harford County Detention Center do every day," stated Bane.

Harford County Detention Center

There are many facets to the operation of a detention center, which include a variety of services and functions. The Harford County Detention Center has housing units, classrooms, dining halls, vocational workshops, recreational areas, places of worship and more. Such facilities are staffed by professionals in security, health services, food services, rehabilitation services, education and administration, all who do their part in safeguarding our community, while meeting the unique needs of inmates.

Media Release

May 07, 2010


  • Monica A. Worrell