Real Time   Information on Harford County Traffic Events

The website address seen below is now available to the public through the Harford County Emergency Operation Center. A very useful tool, it allows citizens to track public safety events affecting traffic or travel on Harford County roads that are being handled by Harford County Fire or EMS services, Harford County Sheriff's Office, Bel Air Police Department, and Havre de Grace Police Department.

In addition, in light of the recent snow activity experienced by Harford County over the last several days, we wanted to share some reminders for driving in inclement weather. So, if you must absolutely be out on the road, remember to:

  • Reduce your Speed.
  • Maintain a significant distance away from other vehicles, especially when approaching intersections and on roadways with a large amount of traffic.
  • Clear off your vehicle completely before driving.
  • Stay off the roads unless the trip is necessary. This allows roadway-clearing personnel to safely, more efficiently and quickly clear the roadways.
  • And most importantly, stay safe this winter season.

News Release

February 17, 2010


  • Monica A. Worrell