Harford County Sheriff's Office Announces Graduation of 18th Entrance Level Correctional Officers Class

(Harford County, MD - December 24, 2009) Harford County Sheriff L. Jesse Bane and Warden Elwood Dehaven are pleased to announce the 18th graduating class of Entrance Level Correctional Officers. The ceremony held on Thursday, November 12th and honored four graduates: Kevin Kegley, Sarah S. Phillips, Schultz Jr., Andrew M. Van Helten. Sarah S. Phillips was named class valedictorian. Kevin Kegley was selected by his peers to place the ceremonial class flag onto the "guide on", an honor bestowed on him by his fellow classmates.

Lieutenant Carl Brooks, Director of the Harford County Sheriff's Office Training Academy welcomed over 100 families, friends and dignitaries to the event held at Harford County Circuit Court. The National Anthem was sung by Kenneth Tipton. The Posting and Retiring of Colors was skillfully performed by the Harford County Sheriff's Office Color Guard. Guest speakers for the evening were Sheriff L. Jesse Bane, who offered some common sense and inspirational advice to the graduates.

Each graduate completed 10 weeks of intensive training sanctioned by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions. Recruits received specialized training in over 200 course objectives including first aid, CPR, defensive tactics, fire safety, report writing and physical fitness to name a few. In addition to the training received, graduates will also receive eight credits towards an Associate Arts degree in Criminal Justice. For further information regarding a career as a correctional officer with the Harford County Sheriff's office, contact 410-836-6600.

Media Release

December 24, 2009


  • Monica A. Worrell