Sheriff's Office Goes High Tech to Search for Missing Children

(Harford County, MD – August 3, 2009) – Harford County Sheriff L. Jesse Bane has formalized an agreement with the “A Child is Missing” alert program that has allowed a high tech method to be implemented to search locally for missing children, missing elderly (often with Alzheimer’s), college students, and missing persons who may be mentally, emotionally, or physically challenged or disabled.

Upon receiving a missing person call, Sheriff’s deputies will make one of their first phone calls to a toll free number in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This call, answered 24/7, 365 days a year by a technician at “A Child is Missing”, initiates a rapid process of information gathering and sophisticated mapping systems which expedites thousands of phone calls within minutes to the surrounding area. The phone call includes a recorded message detailing the missing person’s description and last known whereabouts. The message will also include a Harford County Sheriff’s Office phone number to be called by anyone who has information regarding the location of the missing person.

"A Child is Missing" is a nationwide non-profit organization that helps law enforcement agencies locate missing people with no cost to the law enforcement agency participating in the program. "During this economic period of decreased funding, I am pleased that we are able to partner with such a worthwhile, nationally based, organization," said Sheriff L. Jesse Bane. "This vital and free service could someday make a difference in saving a Harford County Citizen's Life," said Bane. "A Child is Missing" utilizes sophisticated computer mapping systems and trained technicians with the capacity to place 1,000 alert phone calls in one minute to residents and businesses in the area where someone is missing. To date, the efforts of "A Child is Missing" have been credited with more than 497 safe assisted recoveries. To register your unpublished home or cell phone number, visit

Media Release

August 03, 2009


  • Sgt. David Betz
  • Monica A. Worrell

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