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(Harford County, MD – November 10, 2008) There’s a lot we can do to keep our communities safe; and helping to keep communities safe is part of the Sheriff’s Office mission. The three elements necessary to commit a crime are desire, ability, and opportunity, also known as the crime triangle. By increasing the risk of apprehension, increasing the effort required to commit an offense, and reducing the rewards available to the offender, it is possible to reduce the risk of victimization. By removing the opportunity for a criminal to commit a crime, we break the crime triangle and make it much more difficult for a criminal to operate in our community. The main objective of crime prevention is to reduce the opportunity for crime.

Amazingly 30-50 percent of home and apartment burglaries happen because a door or window was left opened. Therefore, the Sheriff’s Office encourages the community to be aware of their surroundings and immediately report suspicious incidents, persons, or vehicles. Citizens can reduce the opportunity for burglary by following these simple measures:

  • lock all doors and windows, especially when not at home;
  • maintain proper control over your house keys and garage door openers;
  • make your house look “lived in” by using timers on lights and televisions;
  • utilize proper security lighting;
  • trim bushes and trees away from windows and doors;
  • use peepholes before opening the door to anyone; and
  • join or start a neighborhood watch program.

The Sheriff’s Office Community Policing Unit offers to Harford County numerous educational programs that address crime, prevention, personal safety & security, drug education, and protection of property.

If you are interested in having a deputy speak to your club, church group, or organization regarding a home security survey or another crime prevention program, please call 410-638-3625 or email your question to the Community Policing unit at

Media Release

November 10, 2008


  • Sgt. David Betz
  • Monica A. Worrell

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