Ebay Internet Buyers Beware

(Harford County, Md) — Sheriff’s Office Detectives are currently investigating several Ebay Internet purchasing scams that have lead detectives to suspects overseas. The scams begin with either electronic equipment or musical instruments being auctioned off through Ebay auction accounts. Buyers are notified they have won the bid via e-mail and are instructed to mail the bid to a third party typically in another state. The third party, who accepts a job from a company through an Internet employment locater, is hired as shipping manager to accept payments for auctioned goods. Companies identified as being associated with the scam are Global Post Express, Global –Pay, and Nevix Global Invest. Once payments are received they are wired overseas by Western Union money transfers to Russia, Latvia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. The Ebay auction winner never receives their purchased goods, and all leads stop at the unwitting sales agent leaving the overseas perpetrators untouchable.

Detectives are instructing Internet purchasers to be suspicious of sellers when payments are requested to be sent to third parties. Always review Ebay seller’s accounts for any negative purchasers’ comments. If possible only do business with verified reputable individuals or companies.

For additional information contact Sheriff’s Office Detective, Corporal Dawn Wolf at 410-836-5436.

Press Release

January 05, 2005