Sheriff Launches Harford County's First Safe Zone Initiative

(Bel Air, MD – Friday, June 13, 2008) — Harford County Sheriff L. Jesse Bane launched Harford County’s first “Safe Zone” initiative in Edgewood, MD. Safe Zone will combine several initiatives into one operation and is designed to restore peace and tranquility in neighborhoods experiencing challenging times. This creative effort is being modeled after a similar project out of Baltimore City. In the Harford County project, the Sheriff’s office will be deploying the Mobile Command Center and setting it up as a mobile precinct. Working out of this mobile precinct will be squads of Sheriff’s deputies assigned to special policing initiatives that are planned to reverse the negative affect that crime has on good people and good communities. Beginning with the implementation the Mobile Command Post which will be located in the parking lot of the Edgewood Recreation Center, in front of the building and adjacent to the outside basketball court; the Command Post will serve as a visual deterrent to crime as well as assuring the residents that the Sheriff’s Office is a part of their community and is dedicated to ensuring their safety and quality of life.

Sheriff’s deputies will be continuing foot patrols and communicating with the neighborhood to increase the levels of contact and cooperation with the Sheriff’s Office. “Together, we are working in concert with the community to secure the neighborhood for the area’s residents,” stated Sheriff Jesse Bane. Along with the use of the mobile precinct, deputies will be dedicated around the clock to handle incidents and enforce laws specifically in the targeted Safe Zone area. In addition to enforcing violations of criminal law, the Sheriff’s Office will work in conjunction various federal, state, and local agencies during this period of time to enforce and identify quality of life issues that affect the local citizens.

At the conclusion of the law enforcement phase of this operation, Harford County Government will hold a one day community event on Saturday, June 21st. This event will make resources available to the community that they may not be aware, or have the means to access. While protecting the rights and dignity of our citizens, this initiative is designed to reverse the negative effect that crime has on good people and good communities, striving to preserve the peace and providing a safe environment for all.

Media Release

June 13, 2008


  • Sgt. David Betz
  • Monica A. Worrell

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