Golding Announces Recent Promotions

A Major and Four Captains Head List of Advancements

Sheriff R. Thomas Golding recently promoted several officers filling Command Staff positions made available with the retirement of several ranking officers. On January 30, 2004, Golding promoted Captain Roy M. Mitchell to Major. Major Mitchell was formerly the Southern Precinct Commander and now will oversee the Police Services Bureau. The Police Services Bureau is responsible for all uniformed patrol deputies, patrol services, and special operations. Major Mitchell has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 1974 having served primarily in Patrol and Support Operations. Major Mitchell is a graduate of the 207th session of the prestigious Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy.

Lieutenant Teresa G. Walter was promoted to the rank of Captain. Captain Walter, previously a Southern Precinct Watch Commander, is now Commander of the Southern Precinct. Captain Walter is the first female in the Sheriff’s Office history to achieve that rank. Captain Walter, who holds a Masters Degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences from Johns Hopkins, has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 1980. She has served in or commanded various patrol units to include Director of Training.

Lieutenant Douglas Verzi was promoted to Captain and now serves as the Administrative Services Division Commander. Captain Verzi, formerly a shift commander at Southern Precinct, will now oversee Law Enforcement and Corrections Records, Training, Fleet/Quartermaster, Computer Support, Budget and Finance, Property, and Planning and Research. Captain Verzi has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 1980 and has been assigned to Corrections, Patrol, Criminal Investigation, and Drug Enforcement.

Lt. Lawrence Delbridge, who joined the Sheriff’s Office in 1980, was promoted to Captain and is now the Operations Commander for the Harford County Detention Center. Previously, Captain Delbridge was the Accreditations Manager responsible for ensuring that the Detention Center is meeting all state and national accreditation standards. Captain Delbridge has overseen this process for over ten years which has resulted in the Detention Center receiving several awards for meeting or exceeding these very stringent standards. Prior to that Captain Delbridge served in various assignments to include Security Operations, Budgeting, Inmate Classification and the Corrections Public Information Officer.

Lt Danny L. Scott, promoted to Captain joined the Sheriff’s Office in 1988 after serving twenty-six yeas with the United States Air Force. Lt. Scott was serving as a Watch Commander when he was promoted and now oversees the Detention Center Administrative Services Division. His duties include the oversight of Inmate Medical Services, Special Programs, Accreditation, Home Detention, Pre-trial Services, Work Release and Food Services. Captain Scott has served in many positions to include Interagency Processing Center Watch Commander, Correctional Training Coordinator, and stints as a unit or shift supervisor.

Other promotions include: Sergeants David Elliott, Robert Aigner, Joseph Mina and Steve Thomas to Lieutenant. Lieutenants Elliott, Mina, and Thomas are assigned, as Watch Commanders at the Southern Precinct while Lt. Aigner is a Watch Commander at the Detention Center.

Corporals Lynn Chester, Michael Crabbs, Lee Dunbar, Steve Dunlop, and Darryl Smith were promoted to Sergeant. Sergeants Chester and Smith are now Shift Sergeants at the Detention Center. Sgt. Dunlop is a Unit Supervisor in Warrant-Fugitive and Sergeants Crabbs and Dunbar are Unit Supervisors in the Criminal Investigation Division.

Dfc’s Casimir Alkanowski, Thomas Gamble, Barry Howell, Richard Miller, John Robinson and Dawn Wolf were promoted to Corporal. Corporal Wolf is assigned to Criminal Investigations. Cpl. Alkanowski is assigned to Community Policing. Cpl. Gamble is now a patrol shift supervisor. Corporals Howell and Robinson are shift supervisors at the Detention Center and Cpl. Richard Miller is a Unit Supervisor in the Domestic Violence Unit.

Sheriff Golding stated, “Each of these deputies should be very proud of their accomplishments. The process of promotion and selection is always a rigorous one and their individual efforts have been rewarded.”

Press Release

February 24, 2004