Escapee, Terrance Washington Apprehended in Tennessee

(Bel Air, MD – May 2, 2007) — The Harford County Sheriff’s Office received word from the Goodlettsville, (Tennessee) Police Department late Tuesday evening that they had arrested Terrance Kassis Washington on local theft of motor vehicle charges.

Washington, 31, who managed to elude capture for three months, was wanted for the January 23, 2007 escape from Harford County Detention Center transportation officers who had transported him to a local hospital for medical concerns.

Patrol Officers from Goodlettsville Police Department located a stolen Ryder box truck on the parking lot of a local motel on Wednesday, April 25, 2007. Through the motels video security system officers were able to identify that the truck operator was a registered guest of the hotel. Contact was made with the motel guest who identified himself as Terrell Lamont Watson who provided officers with a story that didn’t add up alleging he was the victim of a theft. While talking with the male an observant officer noticed a set of Ryder rental keys on top of a dresser. When officers told the male he was under arrest he attempted to flee but was tackled just outside of the motel room and taken into custody. Items recovered from the motel room were not only able to link the male to the theft of the Ryder truck but also to the theft of a Lexus sedan also recovered from motel’s parking lot.

Washington who was arrested under the assumed name of Terrell Watson was charged with two - counts of theft over $10,000 for the stolen vehicles, two - counts of theft over $500 for items stolen from the vehicles, one - count of resisting arrest and one - count of criminal impersonation for providing a false name. The true identity of Washington was not discovered until the routine fingerprint comparisons were received from the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday, May 1, 2007. Washington who has already pled guilty on all charges under a speedy felon agreement is awaiting sentencing while being held at the Metro Davidson County Detention Facility on $56, 000 bond. The Harford County Sheriff’s Office, the FBI and numerous other jurisdictions have sent warrants as detainers to assure Washington will not be released from custody. With so many law enforcement agencies having active warrants on Washington it is unknown when he will be returned to Maryland to face the first degree escape charges from Harford County.