Sheriff Urges Motorist to Use Caution this Memorial Day Weekend

(Bel Air, Md. – May 25, 2006) — Harford County Sheriff R. Thomas Golding is urging motorist traveling in Harford County during the Memorial Day holiday weekend to use caution and commonsense. Specifically, Sheriff Golding is asking drivers to refrain from drinking and driving or driving in an aggressive manner on Harford County roads.

“It is a well known fact that drinking and driving is a recipe for a wreck,” stated Sheriff Golding. “We strongly recommend that motorist refrain from such action which will help lessen the chances for tragedies on our roadways,” remarked the sheriff.

Additionally, Sgt, Joseph VanSeeters, supervisor of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Unit, is urging motorist to use seat belts and refrain from aggressive driving during the holiday weekend. Sgt. VanSeeters stated, “Unless the motoring public wants to risk getting a ticket – or worse loosing their life in an accident – we suggest they wear their seat belt. Buckling a seat belt takes only seconds, but failure to do so can result in a lifetime of sorrow”.

To help the public enjoy a safe and accident free Memorial Day holiday weekend, the Harford County Sheriff’s Office offers the following safe driving tips:

  • Always wear seat belts.
  • Avoid driving any motorized vehicle if you have been drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • Follow the posted speed limit. Excessive speeding places everyone at risk.
  • Allow plenty of time to reach your destination. Don’t speed to make up time.
  • Allow proper distances between your vehicle and those in front of you. Avoid tailgating.
  • Be sure to check tire pressure to ensure safe operation of your vehicle, particularly for long distance travel.

“These simple but important safety tips can make the difference between a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend and a tragic one,” stated Sheriff Golding.

To report drunk or impaired drivers, citizens are urged to call 911 immediately.