Sheriff Golding Will Not Seek Election in 2006

(Bel Air, Md. – May 4, 2006) — Sheriff R. Thomas Golding has announced he will not seek election to the office of Sheriff of Harford County in 2006. Sheriff Golding made his decision based upon concerns for his family and other personal reasons, among them the desire not to create a divisive environment for the employees of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office.

“The Harford County Sheriff’s Office has survived many trials and tribulations during its magnificent 230 year history. As the 79th Sheriff of Harford County I believe my administration has made some very significant contributions to the agency and the people of Harford County. I thank Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. for the opportunity to serve as Sheriff of a truly outstanding law enforcement organization. I wish nothing but the best for all of our dedicated employees in the future.” stated Sheriff Golding.

Sheriff Golding has issued a personal statement regarding his decision not to seek election which is attached to this release.

To the Citizens of Harford County:

A year ago I made a difficult yet proud decision to become a candidate for Sheriff of Harford County after having been appointed to the position by Governor Ehrlich in 2003. Having served in the office for thirty years, it was an honor to have been selected and will forever be one of my fondest and proudest moments. This past year produced an outpouring of support from so many circles, for which I will be forever grateful. However, during the past several weeks, it has become increasingly obvious that the tenor of the campaign process will become “nasty” to say the least. While one does understand that rhetoric is part of that process, the “win at all costs” attitude is one that is not in my blood or part of my style. Recent efforts by some to accomplish their goal, whether by the candidates, by those supporting them, or those on personal missions have further underscored that view point. First and foremost the image of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office is of paramount importance! The obvious rancor and certain low level, underhanded tactics will only increase and further damage the image of the office. This I cannot allow, nor will I be party to it. I was recently asked what my definition of leadership was. I firmly believe that it is doing the right and responsible thing in the face of special interests, whether personal or otherwise. I have always worked to that end during my entire career, especially the last three years as your Sheriff. As such, after much consideration and personal reflection, I have decided that the responsible thing is to no longer seek election as Sheriff of Harford County. I have no desire to see this office ripped apart by petty politics and a desire to achieve an end regardless of the means. I look forward to the remaining seven months of my term and I pledge to you that I will work steadfastly to prepare the office for the future.


R. Thomas Golding

Sheriff of Harford County

Press Release

May 04, 2006