Gang Suppression Unit Excels

(Bel Air, Md. – February 7, 2006) — Harford County Sheriff R. Thomas Golding has announced the results of the Gang Suppression Unit efforts for 2005. The Gang Suppression Unit was formed in February 2005 following the December 2004 murder of Derald Howard Guess in Edgewood by gang members.

During 2005 members of the Unit made 570 traffic stops and issued 763 citations and warnings as a result of those stops. Deputies also conducted 870 field interviews of individuals suspected of being involved in criminal activities.

Additionally, members of the Unit arrested 186 individuals during the past year. Of those arrested, 163 were adults and 23 were juveniles. There were 34 gang members arrested, including 21 adults and 13 juveniles.

Harford County Sheriff’s Deputies have identified 10 different gangs operating in the county. Additionally, 84 new gang members have been identified, including 64 adults and 20 juveniles. Also, deputies have identified an additional 84 persons suspected of being gang members. Of that number, 65 were adults and 19 were juveniles.

During 2005, deputies assigned to the Unit recovered 35 weapons, including six handguns, two stun guns, two files, one shotgun, 11 knives, three sets of brass knuckles and six BB guns, which were replica handguns. Additionally, deputies confiscated approximately $8,400 in currency and various controlled dangerous substances to include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, Ecstasy and Oxycotin.

Commenting on the work of the Gang Suppression Unit, Sheriff Golding stated, “The Harford County Sheriff’s Office is in the forefront of law enforcement agencies in the State of Maryland in combating gangs and gang related crimes. The work of those deputies assigned to this special unit has been nothing short of exemplary. Furthermore, it is my intention to seek additional resources to assist this Unit in our daily war on gangs and the criminal activity associated with them.”

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Press Release

February 07, 2006