Sheriff Begins Second Phase of Monitoring Child Sex Offenders

(Bel Air, Md. – January 31, 2006) — Harford County Sheriff’ R. Thomas Golding has announced his office will begin the second phase in monitoring registered child sex offenders in the county effective February 1, 2006. The second phase in the monitoring process will entail checking with employers who have been identified by those persons registered with the Sheriff’s Office as child sex offenders, to ensure the individuals are employed where they have indicated in their registration.

In July 2005 Sheriff Golding assigned a retired deputy sheriff the task of monitoring and confirming addresses of registered child sex offenders in Harford County. Since July, the Sheriff’s Office has validated 84 registered child sex offenders. Of the 84 registered child sex offenders, five were considered in violation of the law for not living at their registered address. Two of the five listed as violators were found to be incarcerated on unrelated charges, one in Texas and the other in Maryland.

Beginning today, the Harford County Sheriff’s Office will mail letters to the place of employment of each registered child sex offender in an effort to confirm employment status. Pursuant to Maryland law, registered child sex offenders are prohibited from working or volunteering in any position, which would place them in contact with children such as day care centers, boys and girls clubs, school bus drivers, or sports coaches.

State law requires all convicted child sex offenders to register with the primary law enforcement agency in the county in where they reside. In Harford County, registration is required with the Harford County Sheriff’s Office.

“As Sheriff of Harford County, I am committed to taking steps to monitor both the addresses where child sex offenders reside, as well as where they say they are employed. The Sheriff’s Office places a high priority to ensure registered child sex offenders comply with the provisions of state law,” stated Sheriff Golding.

The Sheriff is also closely watching the various legislative proposals being considered in Annapolis addressing sex offender registration and monitoring. The creation of a sex offender compliance verification unit is a top priority request in his budget requests to County Executive David Craig. “ The County Executive and I have discussed this important initiative and are awaiting the final decision of our legislators in order to finalize the complete aspects of this program. The safety of our children and peace of mind of their families is paramount,” stated Sheriff Golding.

To obtain further information regarding child sex offender registration, please visit the Harford County Sheriff’s Office website at

Press Release

January 31, 2006