Sheriff Warns of Lottery Scam

(Bel Air, Md. – January 12, 2006) — Harford County Sheriff R. Thomas Golding is warning citizens of Harford County of a lottery scam circulating throughout the county. A resident of Joppatowne was one of the recent targets of the telephone and mail lottery scam.

The scam includes sweepstakes notification correspondence from an alleged firm associated with the Canadian Lottery. The correspondence indicates the recipient has been declared a lottery winner. The written notification of winnings is generally followed by a telephone call from an individual also advising the recipient of the call they are a sweepstakes or lottery winner and instructs the person to forward a sum of money from their bank account to an alleged business in Canada in order to process their winnings.

Sheriff Golding urges citizens of Harford County not to be duped by the false claim of Canadian Lottery winnings, and not to send monies to an alleged business or organization in order to process alleged lottery or sweepstakes winnings.

Commenting on the lottery scam Sheriff Golding stated, “The citizens of Harford County should be very cautious when receiving notification from an organization or alleged business indicating they have won a cash prize. Furthermore, no one should ever provide bank account or other personal identification information to questionable sources or businesses they cannot verify the authenticity of.”

Press Release

January 12, 2006