Harford County Successful in Monitoring Child Sex Offenders

(Bel Air, Md. – January 9, 2006) — In July 2005, Harford County Sheriff R. Thomas Golding assigned a retired Deputy Sheriff the task of monitoring and confirming addresses of registered child sex offenders in the county. During the past six months, Glenn Mina, a retired lieutenant with the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, has validated 84 registered child sex offenders, including two assigned by the State of Maryland.

In the past six months, Mina and the sheriff’s office identified five of the 84 registered child sex offenders as violators, including the two monitored for the State. The violations consisted of child sex offenders not living at their registered address as required by State law. The two individuals monitored for the State were found to be incarcerated on unrelated charges, one in Texas, and the other in Maryland.

In 2006 the Harford County Sheriff’s Office will commence the second phase of the child sex offender registry initiative. In the near future, letters will be mailed from the Sheriff’s Office to the place of employment of each registered child sex offender in an effort to confirm employment status. Pursuant to Maryland law, registered child sex offenders are prohibited from working in such environments as day care centers, working as school bus drivers, or any other employment, which would place them in contact with children.

According to Mina, child sex offenders tend to keep a low profile in the community and are very much aware they are under a microscope at all times.

Verification of residency is a continual process. Some offenders move frequently and each move requires verification and monitoring by the Sheriff’s Office.

As the process of monitoring and registering child sex offenders in Harford County continues, adding personnel to assist with the process is a goal of Sheriff Golding. “Ensuring child sex offenders are in compliance with Maryland law is a responsibility we take very seriously,” stated Sheriff Golding. “As more and more offenders register, additional staff will be necessary for us to ensure the safety of public,” the Sheriff added.

Pursuant to Maryland law, all convicted child sex offenders must register with the primary law enforcement agency in the county that they reside. In Harford County, registration is required with the Harford County Sheriff’s Office.

Press Release

January 09, 2006