Chalice and Paten Recovered from J M Jewelers Armed Robbery

(Bel Air, Md. – December 13, 2005) — Harford County Sheriff R. Thomas Golding has announced the recovery of both the silver jewel encrusted chalice and paten stolen during the armed robbery of J M Jewelers near Bel Air last month. The chalice and paten belong to Father James Barker, pastor of Saint Ignatius Church near Hickory.

Harford County Sheriffs Deputies recovered the chalice and paten as the result of information, which developed following several search and seizures that were conducted late last week in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Investigators obtained the chalice and paten early Monday afternoon. Both chalice and paten were in excellent condition.

His family gave the chalice and paten to Father Barker nearly 25 years ago when he was ordained. The heirlooms were among the jewelry taken during the armed robbery of J M Jewelers on November 14, 2005. Approximately $750,000 worth of gems, precious stones and other jewelry was taken during the robbery. Investigators continue their efforts to recovery as much of the jewelry as possible.

Sheriff Golding and detectives from the Criminal Investigation Division will personally return the chalice and paten to Father Barker at the Sheriff’s Office in Bel Air at 2:00 p.m. today.

Press Release

December 13, 2005