Deputy Awarded “Top Case” Award for Patrol Dogs from Police Canine Association

(Harford County, MD) — The United States Police Canine Association recently awarded DFC Jeremy Mothershed and his K-9 “Niko” the Top Case Award for Patrol Dogs for fourth quarter 2003, for tracking and apprehending several suspects who had burglarized a local clothing store.

On December 30, 2003 at 2:47am, Dfc Mothershed, 7-year veteran of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, and Niko, responded to a burglar alarm at City Wear, a clothing store located in the 1900 block of Pulaski Highway, Edgewood, Md. This was the second burglary in less than a week and the fifth since November 2003. During the previous burglaries, K-9 tracks were attempted but unsuccessful. Upon arrival, Niko was deployed and initiated a track into a residential community behind the shopping center. Niko’s track resulted in the immediate recovery of evidence. Niko’s track then continued throughout the community recovering more evidence along the way and then concentrating on a home in the 1800 block of Grempler Way. Niko continued his track focusing on a second home in the 1900 block of Edgewater Drive. After conducting a back track to validate his search, Dfc Mothershed heard voices emanating from the Grempler Way residence, the same home where Niko had earlier focused his first efforts. Dfc Mothershed had a clear line of sight from a public common area through uncovered windows and observed the suspects dividing up the stolen property. Several items could be observed to have the store label still affixed to the clothing.

Back up units arrived and contact was made at the home. As deputies knocked at the door the suspects could be observed to be hiding the stolen goods. Subsequent investigation and search of the home resulted in recovering over $3000 worth of stolen merchandise. One of the suspects arrested was found to have an address of 1951 Edgewater drive, the second home Niko focused on during the search.

In the nomination letter submitted by Sgt. Joseph VanSeeters, he remarked, “Dfc Mothershed and Niko demonstrated a commitment and tenacity that is an outstanding testimony to their training and work ethic. They helped clear several burglary cases that had previously been unsolved. Their track was conducted in an urban environment with active foot and vehicle traffic, and crossed a wide variety of surfaces to include asphalt, concrete, packed dirt and open fields. This track was also conducted on a night when temperatures dipped below freezing.”

“The Sheriff’s Office has a highly skilled, dedicated K-9 team, and we are extremely proud of the hard work and accomplishment of Dfc Mothershed,” said Sheriff Thomas Golding. “Because of their outstanding teamwork and tenacity a burglary ring was broken up, suspects arrested, and thousands of dollars in merchandise recovered”.

Press Release

February 15, 2004