Circuit Court Security

It is the duty of the Sheriff under common law to attend the courts in person or by his deputy and to provide for security of the Courthouse and courtrooms. The security team consists of both ranked deputies and contractual employees. The contractual employees are certified and have been prior police officers. All members of this Unit must attend yearly training mandated by the Maryland Police Training Commission. This training includes firearms qualification, First Responder certification, and a number of other mandated classes selected by the training academy.

The personnel assigned to this Unit provide the following services:

  • Maintains physical security for the Courthouse
  • Provides protection for the Judges and the juries
  • Provides security and protection for employees and visitors
  • Provides protection at the County Council meetings for the Council members and the general public
  • Provides protection for the Zoning Hearing Examiner, staff and general public at zoning hearings