Community Policing Unit

The Community Policing Unit was formed in 1995 as a result of the COPS AHEAD program. The unit consists of four members who are responsible for assisting communities in identifying and addressing problems/concerns that are unique to that community. The unit also provides community-based support in the form of Neighborhood Watch programs, crime prevention programs, and drug awareness programs. This unit operates from three regional satellite facilities, each of which was donated by various businesses or organizations that support the efforts of the Harford County Sheriff's Office.

Neighborhood Watch

(Working Together Towards Safer Communities)

Neighborhood Watch is a Program designed to reduce criminal opportunity and prevent crime through awareness, education, and cooperation between the community and the Harford County Sheriff's Office.

Neighborhood Watch is not a citizens on patrol group. It's objective is to increase awareness and cooperation, but does not require nor are community members expected to apprehend or confront suspects.

If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch or joining an existing Watch group in your community, contact the Harford County Sheriff's Office Community Policing Unit at

Children's Safety Program

(Presented with the support of McGruff the Crime Dog)

This program is designed for children between the ages of four and eight. A Deputy Sheriff and McGruff the Crime Dog cover safety tips such as dealing with strangers, gun safety, home safety, telephone use and bicycle safety. There is no charge for this safety program and it is available to schools, daycares, church groups and other organizations that work with children.

Reservations for the McGruff Safety Program can be made by emailing Reservations should be made as far in advance as possible due to the popularity of this program.

Bike Rodeos

Harford County Sheriff's Office Community Policing Unit conducts bike rodeos on a regular basis throughout the biking season. Bike rodeos are designed to teach kids biking safety skills and build confidence through lecture and hands on learning. If you would like to schedule a bike rodeo for your organization or group, contact the Community Policing Unit Office nearest you. At least six weeks notice is requested. Scheduling is on a first come— first serve basis.

Personal Security

(Women and seniors)

This program discusses personal security measures that a citizen may use at home or on the street. The program focuses on understanding the risks and learning how to reduce them, making the student a less likely target for crime. The Personal Security Program is designed with crime prevention in mind and is not a self-defense course. The program is available to schools, churches organizations, women's groups and senior citizens groups. For more information or to schedule a program contact the Harford County Sheriff's Office Community Policing Unit at

Drug Awareness

Heroin Awareness

The Heroin Awareness program walks viewers through the facts, myths and ravages of heroin use. This hour long power point presentation shows graphic images of heroin use, effects on the body and the aftermath of this terrible addiction. This program is designed to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Methamphetamine Awareness

The Meth Awareness program provides a graphic depiction of the wildfire crossing our country. Methamphetamines have quickly become the number one problem in many communities across the country. The program depicts the horrors of addiction and the effects of the toxic labs the addicts use to manufacture this drug. Meth is unlike other drugs the community has faced and this program educates communities to combat this epidemic.

Reservations can be made via e-mail