Northern Precinct

Located off of Norrisville Road in Jarrettsville, the Northern Precinct is a beautiful brick facility built with security and community use in mind. The facility has state-of-the-art security and surveillance features, a tiered roll call room, and separate processing rooms for juvenile and adult offenders. Two processing rooms will allow the facility to meet the state mandate for separate sight and sound processing of adult and juvenile offenders. The roll call room features an overhead computer projection system and flat-screen computers at 15 of the 30 workstations. The remaining 15 workstations can accommodate laptop computers. In addition, the precinct's conference room, which can accommodate up to 30 people, is available for community use, with limited and controlled access to the remainder of the precinct.

Precinct Investigative Unit

The Precinct Investigative Unit is comprised of deputies assigned to each precinct that have received advanced and specialized training. The Unit is responsible for the investigation of specific types of burglaries, vehicle thefts, theft schemes, frauds, and various street crimes such as robberies and assaults. In addition, the unit conducts various surveillance details, sting operations, and search warrants. They work in conjunction with our Criminal Investigative Division, local jurisdictions, and numerous other Law Enforcement agencies throughout the state in order to investigate and apprehend criminals.